Young dads can be great fathers. You are young, fun, and have lots of energy (sometimes). This is a great time to get involved in your child’s life. You can support your baby’s mother emotionally throughout the pregnancy, perhaps attend prenatal classes or Dr. appointments if she would like you to be there. There are a lot of ways you can be part of this baby’s life.

  • Go to prenatal classes with your child’s mother
  • Attend Dr. appointments
  • Join your child’s mother in making healthy choices
    (quit smoking, eat well, etc)
  • Share financial responsibility

Once your baby is born, there are many different ways to be a father to your child. No one way is better than the others. They all contribute to the development and well-being of your child. Like most things in life, it is normal to be nervous at first, but it gets easier with practice. Take this quiz to examine the different ways you can be a dad to your child.


What Type of Dad Will You Be?

Check which applies to you…then read underneath about what type of father a child needs. This will probably give you ‘food for thought’ about some things you may never have considered were important in the life of a child. Your relationship with your own father may influence how you see yourself as a Dad.

I can…

  • Provide food for my child
  • Provide clothing for my child
  • Provide shelter for my child
  • Contribute financially

Provider Father

This used to be the traditional role of the father. Nowadays, many mothers as well as fathers provide financially for their children. Working at any job helps contribute to the family’s economic well-being.

I can…

  • Be around my child often
  • Play with my child
  • Demonstrate values in my culture to my baby
  • Expose my child to my religion
  • Allow my child the opportunity to interact with others
  • Help my child see others interacting around them


Interactive Father

Kids learn communication skills, social rules and values by interacting with their parents and by watching their parents interact with others. They need to be played with, talked to and made a part of our world.

I can…

  • Hold my child
  • Comfort my child when he/she is crying
  • Change diapers and give baths
  • Help feed my child


Nurturing Father

Babies need to be held, stroked and touched in order to develop normally. You are helping them feel good on the inside and develop normally when you do all the things listed above.

I can…

  • Hug my child
  • Smile and make faces with my child
  • Kiss my child
  • Reassure my child when he/she is upset


Affectionate Father

You are your child’s first relationship, it is important to fill this relationship with love and warmth. Warmth is also expressed in the way in which you talk to your children and play with them.

I can…

  • Provide a safe home
  • Help supervise my child
  • Get my child to the appropriate medical care when needed
  • Foster my child’s interest in the world


Responsible Father

You are your child’s first teachers. Protecting and teaching shows guidance on what to do and what not to do.

I can…

  • Think of my child when I am away from him/her
  • Talk about my child with friends and family
  • Show commitment through my words
  • Show I will always be available to my child through different gestures.


Committed Father

Kids need to know that they belong and are important to you. No matter what you may be doing, you are always aware you are a father.



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