When a baby is born, so is a mom, metaphorically speaking. You are gifted the title of Mom and with the title comes a new name, job, role, and position. The list is endless and the importance is infinite with this new role and a new responsibility. How you grow into motherhood is different for everyone. You see that little bundle of potential and you’re a mix of emotions. Just as baby is growing, so are you – into the role of a lifetime.

Babies need love, affection, physical touch and attention to their needs and wants. They need to hear your voice and feel your presence. And you do too! Attachment for both of you comes from those moments over and over, repeated again and again. To cuddle and snuggle, to feed and change, to get up every few hours and make sure baby is ok and baby wakes up to feed and check in on you and make sure you are still there. They need you. You are their world, their protector and their guide. You make food appear, uncomfortable gas disappear and dirty diapers be-gone.

Yes, you will have stressful times. Yes, you will have sad times. Yes you will have times that stretch your sanity beyond what you thought was possible, but you will also have wonderful, happy, loving, bonding moments that are so heart and soul filling you might just want to burst. And it doesn’t stop. Your Mommy role is fluid like the ocean. You will continue to bond and grow as a mother and a child and as a unit of love and trust.

So, just like a newborn babe, you are a newborn Mom. Allow yourself the same compassion, support, love and patience you give your little one because you are both beginning this journey as mother and child together.  At every stage your little one grows and develops, so do you. Enjoy this journey of a lifetime, together.

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