Alison was 18 when she connected with Nicole and The Cridge Young Parent Outreach Program. She was pregnant and felt isolated and hopeless. Nicole helped her connect to a midwife and other community supports. Alison had stable housing and was managing all right by the time baby Krista was born. Alison stayed connected to Nicole for support for the next year and then launched onto her own path.

Alison has just recently reached out to Nicole again. Krista is two now and Allison has made some more big changes in her life. She has gone back to school and is planning her career path. She realized that her relationship with Krista’s father was unhealthy and needed to end. He is now out of both Alison and Krista’s lives. Alison wanted some support to help two-year-old Krista adjust to this big change so she called on the support that worked for her before — Nicole and The Cridge YPOP. Nicole’s door is never closed and she is always ready to weave in and out of the lives of the young moms who hang onto her number, knowing she’ll be there when they need her.