Infections of the ear are the most common cause of earache in young children, so it’s important to recognize your baby’s symptoms for earaches as early as possible.

You’ll recognize the symptoms in your baby pretty quickly as your baby will be tugging or scratching the ears and this is usually associated with difficulty in hearing.

Other obvious signs will include crying, fever, flushed cheeks, aching in the ears and your baby can also be nauseous and have trouble sleeping.

Infections of the ear are one of the most common problems that babies have and it is widely known that 75 percent of babies will suffer from at least one ear infection before they reach the age of three.

These ear infections can reoccur each year prior to your child attending school. Thankfully there are some natural safe home remedies now available to treat ear problems and a safe alternative is therapeutic plant oils.

It is advisable to seek holistic health care remedies for your child and know that you are giving comfort to your baby to assist with their natural healing. Your baby is sensitive and has very delicate skin so you want to treat your baby with safe natural products.

There are two main types of ear infection — the outer ear (otitis externa) and the middle ear (otitis media). Outer ear infection symptoms will show redness around the ear and there may be a discharge.

Middle ear infections tend to be caused by fluid building up behind the eardrum. You’d want to consult your doctor if this is so, as there is a danger of this leading to a burst eardrum, especially if there is a big build-up of mucus. However, when the eardrum has burst, the pain will ease and the eardrum usually repairs itself.

It is a well know fact that breastfeeding can help prevent ear infections as this boosts your baby’s immune system. Research has also shown that babies who don’t use dummies have 33% fewer incidents of middle ear infections.
How To Spot Symptoms Of Ear Infections In Babies

It can sometimes be easy to miss as your child may have a high temperature for many reasons, however here are some signs you will need to look out for.

  • Your baby tugging, pulling or rubbing at their ear
  • High temperature
  • Not wanting to take any food or milk as the process of sucking and swallowing is painful
  • Being irritable, crying and finding it difficult to sleep

ear infections

Ear infections can be very painful in small children

How To Ease The Pain Of Ear Infections

If you think your child has an infection pure essential oils are a safe effective natural home remedy to use for your baby. These pure essential oils will not harm your baby and they will provide natural comfort for minor aching.

Soothing natural healing oils are safe to come in contact with your baby’s delicate skin that might be inflamed of infected. These oils are safe to use alongside medication where necessary. For more information on baby heath care using pure essential oils, visit Absolute Essential.

Another way to soothe your child is to sit them upright with a warm towel pressed to their ear as this will help to drain fluid away from the ears.

Dr. Lisa Gwynn on preventing ear infections in infants


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