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Are you feeling overwhelmed and looking for some help? We work with our clients as advocates and support them within the context of the ministry mandates. Our goal is to support families in becoming healthy, autonomous and thrive within our community.

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Are you looking to go back to school & get your diploma? Educational opportunities are within our community but can be confusing to navigate. Our outreach worker can help with finding programs of interest, helping with enrolment, finding childcare and more.

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Are you struggling to find housing for you and your kids? Safe, stable and affordable housing is the key to supporting young families as they move forward. We can help find, secure and maintain housing for young mothers and their children in our community.

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About Young Parent Outreach & Support

Our Young Parent Outreach program is a dynamic resource providing services and support to young pregnant women, young mom’s and dad’s, and their children in the Greater Victoria area. These support services – provided by The Cridge Centre for the Family – are designed to give young pregnant women and young moms and dad’s the help and support network they need to have healthy babies and to be effective, successful parents. The purpose of this site and support service is to provide resources for young parents and families in the Greater Victoria area. The site contains informative articles, blog postings and video clips on topics ranging from teen pregnancy, parenting newborns to general advice on how to baby proof your house. We’ve also included a list of helpful online links to other important young parenting and pregnancy support resources.


The Cridge Young Parent Outreach Program offers support, mentoring and advocacy to young parents as they endeavour to have healthy babies, develop their parenting skills, and pursue their educational and employment goals.


Receive valuable information on resources for young parents as well as updates and reminders on upcoming events and opportunities.

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Body Modifications and Breastfeeding

Body Modifications are a group of practices that include branding, scarification, tattooing, piercing, and other body art.  Body modifications have been around nearly as long as breastfeeding. Archaeologists, historians and body art practitioners note that tattooing...

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  Too many balls in the air. You’ll understand the title when I explain where this is going. So I’m writing this at home while my youngest daughter is on the couch. It’s 2 pm in the afternoon on a school day. Get where this is going? She is home sick. And not...

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  So I have written a few blogs now and they have been a little on the heavy and emotional side so I decided to try one with a bit of a lighter feel to it. Mothering, after all, isn’t always hard work; it can be hysterically funny and sometimes just downright...

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Single parenting is not the same though. Alone takes on a very different meaning. You can be lonely in a room full of people or lonely sitting on the couch in an empty room. You can only be truly, physically alone in one of those situations.

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